[Samia Bayou]

April 30, 2020
Written by: Leslie Copeland

When Profilemeshoots met with Samia Bayou in London, the images caused something of a stir back at our Oslo HQ. Why? Well, because we managed to capture so many genuine emotional expressions of a person who epitomises most of the values we cherish. We caught her laughing and smiling, relaxing and being friendly, lost in thought and pensive – and everything else in between. Her penetrating, steady gaze was dominant in many of our images, as was her chic fashion sense. But what really enthralled us was the professionalism and intelligence she exuded.

Those that know her well know that it is Samia’s seriousness and determination that are the reasons she has thrived in the world of global private banking for almost two decades.

Samia started her career in 2004 with stints at Citi Bank and Merrill Lynch before moving to UBS in 2007 to advise high-net-worth clients. Deep knowledge of key sectors and trends, in addition to an ability to build long term relationships with high-profile clients, was the key to her success. This also explains why Samia now finds herself as Senior Investment Advisor and Global Head of the Private Family Office of M Shafik Gabr, the founder and Chairman of ARTOC GROUP. In terms of prestigious banking jobs, they don’t come much better than this.

ARTOC is an international investment company headquartered in Egypt with diverse business interests in many sectors. Its founder is one of the most successful and mercurial entrepreneurs in the world, renowned as much for his business acumen and personal wealth as he is for love of art, philanthropy and cross-cultural peace initiatives.

A few years back, ARTOC began its exit from the consumer, oil and gas sectors and began to ramp-up its investment in technology. Given the recent economic developments, the timing of this switch looks increasingly inspired.

In 2019 ARTOC moved meaningfully into the start-up world, creating a team dedicated to AI, data-mining, bioscience and much more. It is here that Samia, who has the look of the right person in the right job at the right time, is highly active. Amongst other roles, she has responsibility for tech start-up investments and works closely with several founders across the globe.

In amongst all this Samia still finds the time to remain a keen and vocal advocate for women in technology, providing inspiration from the front line as much through what she does as what she says.

We’re impressed that Samia has shown-up to be counted. You should be too.

Samia was shot at Spaces London:  https://www.spacesworks.com/

Are you ready to show up?

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