[Rosie Budhani]

January 13, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

The dictionary definition of dedication would be more accurate if the entry was just a link to Rosina Budhani’s Linkedin page. Rosie is the Head of PR for Design Hotels, an online platform that represents a curated selection of over 300 independent hotels in more than 60 countries. Having started in a managerial role, Rosie made her way up to Head of the department in just a few years. This career shift saw her move from London to Berlin, where she currently lives today.

Before stepping into the world of hospitality, Rosie worked for a range of well-respected British charities. Drawing on her BA in Communications and Audio Visual Production Studies, Rosie secured a position as the PR manager for Save the Children and Cancer Research, as well as Broadcast Media Officer for the much-loved and revered Comic Relief. They have all been demanding and stressful jobs, but Rosie took to them with ease, keeping a level head and a strong sense of professionalism.

From the moment she started her studies until now, Rosie has been nothing but committed to the world of public relations and communications. Beginning with a Brand Assistant role at Slice PR in London. It didn’t take Rosie long before being recognised for her work, scoring her first managerial position at Terra Plana.

The world of PR is known to be cutthroat, competitive, and demanding. It takes real talent to shine through and climb up the ladder. Rosie has repeatedly stayed on top of her game in a challenging industry for twenty years now. It’s her commitment, talent, and charming demeanour that  that we believe has contributed to her longevity in the field. Her dedication is something that resonated with us long after our shoot with her in Berlin was over.

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