PWWWS [Susi Lennox]

April 22, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

Intorducing Susi Lennox, the co-founder of the Yes Yes Company – a natural and safe line of intimate products. The idea that started it all in 2003 arose between two friends, Susi and other co-founder Sarah Brooks. Sarah and Susi had met in the late 80s and were long-standing friends and colleagues who simultaneously reached a point in life where they wanted to devote themselves to something new, daring and worthwhile, something that reflected their values and ethics.

“Having worked at Pfizer when Viagra was launched, we were aware of the need for effective products in the intimacy arena. What we discovered was a gap in the market for a pure and natural personal lubricant. We set out to ‘change the world from the inside’ by creating a new concept: A certified organic, plant based natural range of intimacy products”

Susi and Sarah’s experience of working in the Drug Safety divisions of major pharmaceutical companies meant they were very aware of the health risks associated with certain synthetic, chemical ingredients. They set themselves the challenge of designing a range of intimacy products that would be completely benign, have no side effects, free of all known skin irritants and be highly effective.

Susi and Sarah set up in business in May 2003, after six weeks on the north coast of Bali (yes, it was a completely perfect place to plan Yes), reviewing their lives, ways of working together and their personal values that defined the ethics that now governs their business. They then spent three and a half years researching, planning and formulating products, and started trading in August 2006. To fund the business start-up and long R&D period, both Susi and Sarah sold their houses. Sarah is the Chemist. Susi is the English graduate, and rather handy with words. They are both adept at juggling test tubes and subjunctives.

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