PWWWS [Sophie Sellu]

June 21, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

Sophie Sellu is a woman with a love of art and creativity, but it is the ancient art of wood-working that takes a central place in her life and her business.

Funnily enough for a person who is categorically an expert now, Sophie didn’t experience woodworking until after she graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2009. Indeed, it was almost four years after leaving that she took the opportunity to experience woodworking as part of an eager drive to discover new creative outlets. It was during this experimental phase that she discovered a burning passion for the timeless art of spoon carving. Her business, Grain & Knot, was born.

Ever since those first tentative steps, Sophie has been on an upward trajectory to success. She has been featured in multiple magazines and has made a name for herself in the woodworking industry.

Unsurprisingly, her business has moved beyond carved spoons and now offers a wide range of her woodworking masterpieces.

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