PWWWS [Shana Baban]

January 23, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Meet Shana Baban. Her long-standing interest for entrepreneurship and innovation is what led her to her current role as Project Manager at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). A position she diligently earned having worked her way up from the role of Creative Coordinator, which by all accounts is no small feat considering the Schools reputable credentials and the fact that it boasts the largest entrepreneurial community in the country.

An avid business strategist and communicator, Shana honed these skills in her earlier years. Arming herself with an eclectic mix of higher educational degrees that includes a BA in Design,  Business and Communication as well as a Bachelor in Multimedia and Design. And adding to her set of talents are the four languages she speaks fluently: Danish, English, German and Kurdish.

Shana isn’t just all business though. In addition to her entrepreneurial and professional  pursuits, she’s also extremely passionate about human rights, sustainability, and diversity. She has worked closely with multiple non-profits over the years: Women Refugee Route, Red Cross Youth, and Operation Dagsværk. Her work with the Red Cross and Refugee Route was centred around human rights, while her volunteer work at Operation Dagsværk focused on disaster and humanitarian relief. 

Before joining the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship , Shana worked for CBS Startup, a company that provides early venture funding to student start-ups, to support their growth into sustainable business ventures. Shana’s four year stint at CBS Startups undoubtedly helped broaden her knowledge and interest in entrepreneurship, providing the perfect stepping stone to the role she is in today.

Photographer: Ed Gumuchian

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