PWWWS [Sarah Collins]

March 22, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Sarah Collins is a serial entrepreneur, founder, and activist. Her core being is centered around being inventive, clever, and giving. Sarah has had a lifelong interest in sustainability and figuring out ways to reduce carbon emissions, which has been a focus of all of her entrepreneurial pursuits.

She’s the Founder and CEO of Wonderbag. It’s a genius, non-electric slow cooker made for women who cook over open fires. After food has been brought to the boil, it can be placed in a Wonderbag, then the food will continue to cook for up to twelve hours without any additional heat needed. All that’s needed is a small amount of time to bring it up to the boil, and then it can be removed from direct heat. This invention means that it reduces the amount of fire materials needed to cook a meal is reduced by a phenomenal 70%, resulting in two tonnes of carbon being mitigated. Do you see what we mean when we say genius?

In addition to it being a time-saving and environmentally friendly way of cooking, the Wonderbag also provides a lifeline to those who use it. It saves on the cost of fuel, uses less water, and reduces the unpaid labour that goes into preparing and cooking. Wonderbag proudly reports that there was an x10 increase in income for the women using it who were living in extreme poverty. It also has the added benefit of reducing the amount of smoke in homes that can harm the lungs of the occupants.

The Wonderbag is something of, well, a wonder. It caught the eye of Unilever’s CEO, who wanted to invest in Sarah’s invention. They became a distribution partner and Wonderbagsaw its sales increase by a jaw dropping 247%, which is testament to Sarah’s genius as the creator of -the Wonderbag-. The current business model in the UK is that for each purchase, Wonderbag provides a bag to someone in the developing world. As Sarah and her team secure more partnerships across the world, it’s clear that Wonderbag is here to stay.

Alongside Wonderbag, Sarah is also the Founder of Take Back The Future, an NGO that focuses on training youth to take ownership and care for their natural resources and land which has been in operation since 2004. The beginning of her career was primarily concerned with community-based ecotourism, and she would go on to found two projects in Botswana in this area – Planet Okavango and Stanley’s Camp. It was during this time when Sarah actually got the inspiration for Wonderbag in the first place.

Sarah has been blessed with entrepreneurial savviness, humanitarian ingenuity, and fierce determination, which she has channelled into being a force for good. A defender of the planet and an advocate for women’s rights, there’s a lot to look up to with Sarah. She’s environmentally conscious, she’s giving, and a successful businesswoman to boot. What’s not to love?

Photographer: Ferreira

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