PWWWS [Sandra Rey]

April 13, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

Sandra Rey is an entrepreneur that will light up your life – both with the force of her personality and the bioluminescence tech she hopes will replace conventional lighting.

Sandra had originally aspired to work in fashion and attended Strate School of Design in Paris – the place to be for those with a passion for design. It was here, during a competition with biology as the theme, that Sandra became infatuated with light. This led, accidentally some would say, to her discovery of a way to produce practical light through bioluminescence.

Ever since, Sandra has put all of her energy into creating the energy that is Glowee, the company that she founded and now runs. Her plan is to make Glowee a household name through an eco-friendly, sustainable light solution for everyone. A recent deal with a municipal authority in France represents a major development.

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