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March 25, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Long gone are the days of finding a career you sort of liked and then stuck with it until retirement. Instead, there’s a growing movement of people hooked on finding fulfilling careers that make them happy. But how do you achieve that? How do you look for it? How do you make happiness happen at work? These are big questions we don’t have answers to, but luckily we know somebody who does. Meet Samantha Clarke. She’s a board member, TEDx speaker, author, School of Life faculty member, and – most importantly – a Happiness Consultant.

Before 2010, Samantha was working as a professional stylist. While assisting clients with styling, she found that the conversations always drifted towards work. As the clients opened up to her about their professional troubles, Samantha bloomed – she had found her calling. By chance, she stumbled upon a vacancy for a freelance lecturer at the School of Life – an educational company that offers talks on how to lead a more fulfilling life. With her wide range of experience, skills, and charming disposition – the rest was history. Kinda. While she still works for the School in a limited capacity, Samantha currently spends a great deal of time working with Simon Sinek’s Inspire U platform, where she offers talks and workshops that cover a wide range of topics: leadership, communication, confidence, and creativity. The workshops are tailored, suiting corporate clients to smaller businesses. 

A strong proponent of self-development Samantha bolstered her knowledge and résumé by working hard and completing The Coactive and ORSC coaching training and the Bhutanese Gross National Happiness training programme.

In 2015, Samantha started her own consultancy company, Love It or Leave It (LILI) where she works as a principal consultant and changemaker, offering coaching advisory services to founders, leaders, HR staff, and more, on how to build a healthy company culture and develop friendly, safe environments for employees. LILI puts employee wellbeing at its front and centre, with the end goal of inspiring change and helping individuals and companies find happiness at work. 

Her hard work has certainly paid off. Since its inception, LILI has serviced a range of top-shelf clientele she’s serviced: Design Hotels, Weight Watchers, JP Morgan, NHS, Nespresso, Innocent, Mediacom, ITV, Deutsche Mobile, Virgin, and more. Samantha has been featured in Forbes, BBC Woman’s Hour, Stylist, Elle, and The Times – and that’s just to name a few. Your wellbeing has never been in surer hands.

After several successful years with LILI, Samantha found it was time to put pen to paper and catalogue everything she’d learned so far. Her book, eponymously named Love It or Leave It, was published in the spring of last year. The book furthers Samantha’s mission to help people unlock their potential – and love it while they’re doing it. It’s for those who don’t know what to do, for those who feel stuck in their current jobs, and for those who are seeking more out of their working lives. In a world where we’re increasingly looking to find how we fit in, Love It or Leave It is a godsend and a rallying cry to our purpose all at once.

And on top of all this, she also hosts two podcasts. The devil may work hard but Samantha Clarke works harder. Samantha & Co focuses on the journeys of those who forged new career paths and their experiences. In the other, Love It or Leave It, Samantha hosts conversations with philosophers, technologists, workplace communication experts, individuals, managers and leaders on creating better work happiness and personal growth solutions in the workplace.

You’d have to be mad not to like Samantha. Everyone does. She exudes confidence and calm, which is what makes Love It or Leave It such a success. And as J.K Nelson said it best: “Successful people are not gifted. They just work harder and succeed on purpose”. We couldn’t agree more. 

Photographer: Chantel King

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