January 20, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

What drives success? What gets you out of bed in the morning? For some people it’s the thought of achievement. Other folks are driven by wealth or fame. For Nima Tisdall, it’s heart. The Copenhagen-born leader and founder spent much of her childhood living in Nepal, an experience which would form her desire to give back and improve the lives of others.

So who is she? She’s a leader, a founder, and global problem solver. For the past three years, Nima has been running her company Blue Lobster, a platform for  fishermen to sell their sustainable products directly to consumers at fair prices. It cuts out the middleman, allowing customers to get their produce locally and straight from the source. All fishermen must meet certain sustainability standards before they can join Blue Lobster. Nima’s platform promotes and offers  a much cleaner and greener alternative to current harmful and wasteful industrial fishing practices that have resulted in the loss of biodiversity, overfishing and pollution of our seas.*

At an early age, Nima proved herself a competent business woman and a bit of a child prodigy, having founded a business while still in high school. The business provided waitressing services. With her proven entrepreneurial background, she secured a place at the reputable Copenhagen Business School to study Business Administration at both Bachelor and Master levels. Her time spent at university only reinforced her passion for social justice and sustainability, as well as providing her with the know-how necessary to leverage the power of innovation in business for the good of others.  

The desire to give back didn’t abate once her studies had ended. Post university, Nima became involved in a number of non-profit organisations including The Refugee Food Festival  and the UN Refugee Agency, both of which are based in Copenhagen. The time spent and experience gained within these organisations proved invaluable in building Blue Lobster.

In addition to Blue Lobster, Nima currently works with the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper. Global Shapers is, well, a global community of inspirational young people who want to shape the world. They work together to solve problems on a local, national and global scale. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, you can add  European Leader for the Obama Foundation to her portfolio of achievements. 

Wait, we hear you ask. You mean Obama as in, the 44th President of the USA and First Lady Obama? That Obama Foundation?

Yeah. That foundation.

It’s safe to say that Nima has worked up an incredible resumé, with a string of enviable positions. Her achievements would be legendary if they had happened across a lifetime, but Nima has done all of this before the age of thirty. We find Nima an inspiration because there’s absolutely nothing holding her back. She has a vision for the world and the rest of us are simply along for the ride.

Nima says she just wants to make the world a better place, and that couldn’t be truer. The world could do with more Nimas.

Are you ready to show up?

Photographer: Riccardo Lana

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