PWWWS [Michelle Kennedy]

May 17, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Motherhood is something that has the potential to be isolating. Life as you know it gets uprooted and the time you made for yourself seemingly slips away. It can be equally hard if you don’t have a support network around you of those who are already parents, who can offer guidance and advice in what is a difficult time in your life to navigate.

The trials and tribulations of motherhood, as well as the potential loneliness that can come with it, inspired Michelle Kennedy into creating the app Peanut. A former board member of the wildly successful dating app Bumble, Michelle noticed that there was a gap in the market for social apps geared towards mothers. More recently, Michelle expanded the company to include women trying to conceive on the basis that no one should be alone in such a challenging time in their lives.

The app works like any other social app, aiming to connect users through shared interests, experiences, and phases in life. Other features include a community platform where people can ask questions and explore topics, as well as social groups for women to meet for socials or activities.

Creating the app wasn’t without push back. Michelle heard plenty of nos, the majority from decidedly male investors who didn’t see the value in it. Doggedly determined, Michelle never gave up and now the app boasts over a million users. It’s a testament to Michelle’s ingenuity, expertise, and a steadfast resolve for something she believes in. How’s that for mother’s intuition?

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