PWWWS [Melissa Strawn]

June 16, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

Very few people are able to claim that they have radically altered an entire sector. Melissa Strawn is one of them. She has changed the world of freelancing via her company, MyPeopleNow. It promotes a clever inclusiveness ideal that has been brilliantly executed.

Rather than providing yet another platform for remote work, she has instead taken the entire process to the next step by providing freelancers to clients who need assistance with everyday tasks within their local community. Tasks can include household chores and cooking meals to hiring tutors for the kids or assistants with a local basket weaving club.

In many respects, through the creation of MyPeopleNow Melissa has brought communities together by empowering individuals to dare to hire, and be hired.

One clever bit of the process is the use of a “karma points” system. MyPeopleNow helps maintain good faith among those who hire and pay their freelancers by allowing them to spend their Karma Points on hiring for additional jobs. This growing phenomenon has changed the way we look at freelancing.

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