PWWWS [Marianne Haugland Hindsgaul]

June 7, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

To say that the Profile[me] team is a fan of Marianne Haugland Hindsgaul, co-founder and CEO of Bobly Inc is an understatement. Just like her company name suggests, Marianne has an infectious and bubbly spirit that has the power to brighten up any room she sets her foot in. We would know, we’ve been in many rooms with Marianne through the years and have come to know her well. But don’t let her joyful character fool you, Marianne is a seasoned and very skilled businesswoman and negotiator. She founded the company with her husband in 2015 in Norway and in 2017 made the bold decision to move the company to San Francisco. It’s so inspiring to follow her entrepreneurial journey in Silicon Valley and see how her hard work is paying off.

So what is Bobly? It’s a simple screen-based solution that enables customer and visitors to deliver feed-back in-store – there and then – while the whole shopping experience is foremost in their minds. It’s a clever, gamified software solution that easily entices responses from shoppers

As well as Bobly, she sits as an adviser on the DEI Advisory Council Saassy Sales Leadership. SaaSy is a training and development organization that seeks to ensure greater access and inclusion in technology through scholarships and mentorship, in parallel to their commercial operations.  The DEI council is responsible for guiding leadership in the implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in all areas. 

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