PWWWS [Leah Bessa]

April 6, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

Leah Bessa is a stirring South Africa woman who has taken a big step outside of many comfort zones when it comes to changing the world’s eating habits and saving the planet.

Her plan is for all of us to eat more insects and she has created delicious products for her company, Gourmet Grubb, to prove that it’s totally doable.

Leah has a master’s in food science Leah and studied insects as an alternative protein option. Through her research and dedication to sustainability, Leah developed EntoMilk alongside Jean Louwrens for their company. This funny sounding product is an insect-based alternative to dairy products. Ice-cream made from the product tastes amazing. What’s more, it has zero carbs, no refined sugars and a healthy dose of many minerals (including calcium, iron and zinc). Of course, the best bit is that it has more protein than both regular dairy and comparable red meats. For ice cream lovers looking for a healthy alternative, and those who are lactose intolerant, Entomilk is a solution worth trying.

Gourmet Grubb’s ice cream features all-natural ingredients. Alongside the insect based Entomilk, the other stuff consists of raw honey, organic peanut butter, spices, and cocoa.

As Leah is fond of telling people, she wants to change the world one scoop at a time.

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