PWWWS [Lauren Schulte]

April 6, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

For many women around the globe, finding the right feminine products is not easy. Most women have to settle for what is on the market, often dealing with items that don’t fit quite right, causing leaks, chafing, and stress.

Lauren Shulte suffered the same frustrations and more, with each period being followed by a yeast infection due to the poor quality of the product she used. Lauren decided it was time for a solution and began discussing menstrual product concerns with other women. The result is The Flex Company, a women-driven business that not only addresses the problems Lauren endured, but every other issue faced by every other women during the menstrual cycle.

Need a product that gives you protection for up to 12 hours? You got it. Want to enjoy mess-free sex during your period? Well, now you can. Want to avoid cramps, chafing, and infections? Flex can help.

When Lauren set out on her journey, she wanted to ‘reimagine and deliver life-changing period products everywhere’. It’s fair to say that she has reached her goal.

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