PWWWS [LaToya Stirrup]

June 18, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

If you’re looking for a hard working woman who works with passion and pride then LaToya Stirrup should be on your radar. LaToya is a woman unafraid of hard work and taking the difficult road to success. Her passion is clear to see and it runs through every entrepreneurial idea she has.

LaToya’s impressive resume speaks for itself, with years of advertising experience at award winning advertising agencies (she has worked with global brands from Bacardi to Nickelodeon). In addition, LaToya has worked as a consultant, co-hosts a podcast and is a proven entrepreneur. She even finds time to sit on the board of both the Legacy 40 Under 40 and The Commonwealth Institute of South Florida.

Today we would like to talk about just one of LaToya’s achievements and that is Kazmaleje, a business she co-founded because she knew the pain of having hair products, combs and detanglers that simply didn’t work.

Kazmaleje believes that empowering women starts with their daily lives. By creating a range of hair tools that actually work to detangle, comb and brush while causing minimal damage, they have enabled women to pamper themselves with ease.

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