PWWWS [Jenifer Clousell-Tormos]

May 4, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

Founder of Develop Diverse, Jenifer Clausell Tormos, holds a PhD in chemistry and Technology Development and has over eight years of experience as a project leader. Her career developed in four different countries and originally focused on drug discovery for biomedical applications.

After 10 years, Jenifer’s drive for gender balance and diversity had expanded and inspired her begin researching cognitive gender and stylistics. Jenifer now focuses on innovative approaches based on AI technology to bring (gender) diversity to the workplace.
As a natural-born leader, who thrives on challenges, Jenifer has a strong internal drive. She has a great instinct for innovation and a high-level of rationality as proven by her experience as researcher and founder of Develop Diversity.

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