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January 21, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Chiara Condi is a first-generation Italian American living in Paris. She’s a leader, activist and speaker, and she’s championing gender equality wherever she goes. Drawing on her own experiences of sexism and discrimination, she has become an advocate for gender diversity and women’s entrepreneurship.

For her day job, Chiara is the unstoppable force behind Led by HER, a non-profit organization that advocates for female entrepreneurship and the development of women’s rights and programs for domestic violence survivors. The organisation provides mentoring programs, courses, events, and more, helping women carve their own paths to success. Set on achieving global diversity, the company has recently launched a digital platform to increase its reach to women around the world.

In addition to Led by HER, Chiara also works as a motivational speaker and offers consultancy to companies looking to achieve their diversity goals. In a holistic, problem-solving approach, Chiara works closely with companies to figure out how to meet these goals by offering tailor-made programs, workshops, and events. Her activist and speaking work revolves around empowering women, focusing on thought-provoking topics such as rights, entrepreneurship, and innovation. A notable speaking credit would be her talk on “The Creativity of Self-Renewal” for the esteemed TEDx.

When she’s not right the world of its wrongs, you can find her over at The Other Half – her podcast show where she discusses feminist issues with male leaders. The aim is to encourage open dialogue on how to best engage men on discourses of gender equality. You can listen to the series here.

The drive that fuels Chiara and her achievements are founded in her passion for gender diversity. It speaks for itself why we found Chiara so inspiring. And it’s not just us who thinks this either. In 2017, she received the Woman of Influence Prize in France in recognition of her hard work. We couldn’t think of a more deserving winner.

Her commitment to women’s emancipation and compassion to those in need is something that all of us should strive for so we can work towards a better, more interesting future.

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Photographer: Farhoud Meybodi

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