PWWWS [Brenda Katwesigye]

May 19, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

Brenda serves as the CEO at Wazi. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, was a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, and has also previously served on the Regional Advisory Board of the Young African Leader’s Initiative (YALI) and the advisory board of the STARTS Prize of the Ars Electronica.

A Uganda native and resident, Brenda founded Wazi Vision, a company that provides more affordable and accessible eye care to children aged 6-15. Brenda is visually impaired, and she had the idea to create this company after going to the eye doctor.

In many countries, decent eye-care remains wildly out of reach for those without the funds. For founder and CEO of Wazi Vision, Brenda Katwesigye, providing affordable and accessible eye care to school-aged children is about helping the most vulnerable among us.

The Ugandan entrepreneur, whose experiences as a glasses wearer helped launch Wazi Vision, is striving to “change the outlook on eyewear.” By harnessing the power of virtual reality technology, Wazi Vision performs eye testing via mobile app to bring the company’s aid closer to children in rural areas. Additionally, the tech startup produces eyewear with recycled plastics to significantly reduce the price of frames to $20 per pair. “We are tapping into a market that is not you and me,” she says to Digest Africa. “People who can afford to pay, but can’t afford to pay too much.”

As an entrepreneur, Katwesigye’s work has not been without challenge. When she battled with her ego earlier this year, she came out on top and with a clearer focus. “In this social media age, it’s easy to mistake Facebook and Instagram likes for real progress,” she wrote in a self-published article. “But nothing is as tragic as spending the best years of your life building nothing while thinking it’s something. Business is not about the awards or the social media likes, it’s about the business. Learn which focus to feed.”

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