PWWWS [Benita Matofska]

February 16, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

There’s only one Benita Matofska, which is a shame because the world could really do with more of her. She’s an award-winning keynote speaker, author, podcaster, serial entrepreneur, and change-maker – a facet she touches upon frequently in her work.

Changemaking is the nucleus of Benita’s work. Changemakers are those who, moved by their surroundings, set out to make a difference for the better. They’re sharers and team players. They’re compassionate and strong. It’s these ideals that Benita believes can be applied to businesses as well. This thinking comprises of the core strategies Benita presents in her speaking and coaching to businesses, organisations and individuals, enabling them to survive in a world with challenges such as climate change and Covid-19. She started her speaking career 15 years ago, and has carved out quite a legacy, with TEDx, UNESCO, European Parliament, the House of Commons, IKEA Global Home Furnishings Forum, AMEX Leadership Academy, European Outdoor Group Summit, M&S Festival of the Future, Virgin Innovation Sessions, European Cities Marketing Summit, Global Women’s Forum, FT European Sharing Economy Summit and Number 10 Downing Street being some of her career highlights.

Benita didn’t start out speaking; she was actually a director for the UK’s beloved BBC in a variety of departments back in the nineties. These experiences would go on to shape her current career. It was in 2000 when Benita took the plunge into entrepreneurial waters, launching a production company in New York (her old hometown) and another in Brighton, her current home.  In 2011, she left the world of broadcasting and as Chief Sharer she founded a social enterprise, The People Who Share. They’re an organisation dedicated to sharing vital resources to protect the planet and people in need. They run community events, skills exchanges, publish reports on sharing resources, and run campaigns, such as Global Sharing Week which now reaches over 100 million people worldwide.

Beyond the spoken word, Benita has shown to be a master of the written word as well. She‘s also a freelance writer, covering hot topics such as change-making, sustainability, social innovation, future business trends, responsible leadership, the future of work and social entrepreneurship, and the Sharing Economy – to name but a few. Benita has also provided her knowledge and expertise to a number of publications in the form of additional commentary. Credits include various BBC channels, Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Times, and The Economist – and that’s the condensed list. It’s a safe assumption that Benita knows what she’s doing. 

Generation Share is Benita’s ground-breaking book and the world’s largest collection of inspiring stories of the changemakers transforming society and the economy. It’s a product of five years of painstaking research and has been heralded as, dare we say, a gamechanger by other influential people in the movement. Former UK Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas, and a director from the WFTO Fair Trade Expert have given the book glowing reviews. Recently, Generation Share was voted Top Isolation Read for a Positive Future by Forbes. The book features over 200 interviews with people from over 30 countries across the globe. Benita states that by bringing these stories to a worldwide audience, she hopes people find themselves inspired and motivated to make their own changes. Made from 100% waste materials, each copy plants a tree and helps educate a girl in the slums in Mumbai. 2021 saw the launch of the Generation Share Changemakers World Digital Tour, a series of monthly events focussing on a different country each month, connecting changemakers and building a global Map of Hope. The next event on February 23rd will bring the inspiring stories of pioneers in Morocco who are transforming society for people and planet.

In addition to her events and written work, Benita has also been invited to interviews on numerous podcasts, most of which you can listen to here.

Anyone who finds something wrong with the world and sets out to change it – and change others – will always be an inspiration. It takes courage and commitment to stand against the grain; it takes more to stand up and show others how to do it as well. Benita is creating a legacy and we’re honoured to be a witness to it.

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