PWWWS [Anaïs Bock]

February 18, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

The first thing you notice about Anaïs Bock is her personability. She’s forward, she’s friendly, and she’s not afraid to say exactly what she thinks. Anaïs toes the line between assertive and assuring with a born-with-it kind of wit and ease that would take us mere mortals years to master.

Anaïs is the founder of Let’s Work Magic – a leadership training business that aims, unapologetically, to “cut the bullsh*t” in business. The creation of this was born from her increasing dissatisfaction with the banality and superficiality of the corporate world. It’s refreshing to have someone like Anaïs who is unbothered by the pomp and faff in business. She tells it like it is. An expert on a number of topics, Anaïs covers everything from business purpose and good decision-making to the issues of self-sabotage and feminine leadership in her talks and workshops. She’s big on female entrepreneurship (who isn’t?) and builds her talks around how organizations can do better when it comes to gender equality at work and what female leadership looks like.

She studied the overlap between entrepreneurship and psychology through an M.Sc. in Organisational Behaviour from the Birkbeck University of London. This knowledge would form the bones of her four-part “purpose diagram” that she applies to both large-scale corporate companies and small businesses to help them make better decisions and avoid their mental traps. It’s a tried and tested and ​successful ​method that has Anaïs being booked out again and again.

Alongside Let’s Work Magic, Anaïs developed an all-new product, fittingly called “Bullsh*t Monsters,” which identifies 64 universal mental booby traps and is designed to lead to better business decision-making – one monster at a time. It comes in the form of tarot cards – a creative way to help you identify where you’re going wrong in business. Once you’ve put a name to a problem, it makes things ten times easier to come up with a solution to tackle it.Bullsh*t Monsters is a project that’s been in the works for some time now, coming to its realisation just last year after a successful crowdfunding campaign. It’s been the product of a lot of love and passion, as well as a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Hours and hours went into researching and identifying the key problems in running a successful business. Anaïs interviewed over 1,000 leaders and entrepreneurs from fifteen countries to discuss their regrets, fears, and knowledge. This painstaking work has certainly paid off.

Prior to the creation of Let’s Work Magic, Anaïs was working in the hospitality industry, having studied at the Hotel School in the Hague, Netherlands. She worked for luxury hotels in Germany, Spain and Egypt. She onboarded and trained employees in communication and conflict resolution, as well as being in charge of PR and hiring staff.

There’s nothing about Anaïs that we don’t like. Her out-of-the-box -thinking and innovative approach to leadership training places her, in our opinion, as one-to-watch in the world of coaching, training and speaking. She’s knowledgeable, self-assured, and an absolute delight. We admire her ability to turn her dissatisfaction into problem-solving and recognise and appreciate the authenticity and vulnerability in her approach to sharing her talent, skills and self-made tools with others. And not only does she enable businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve more by helping them deconstruct and overcome their Bullsh*t blocks. She does it effortlessly in ​three ​languages because she’s just that good.

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