PWWWS [Amma Gyampo]

February 17, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

If you mixed entrepreneurial spirit, intelligence, capability, confidence, and a dash of undeniable cool in a blender, the result would come out looking a lot like Amma Gyampo. She’s the UK-Ghana Board Advisor for Maanch, a Management Consultant, and Co-Founder and CEO of ScaleUp Africa.

An entrepreneurial veteran, Amma is no stranger to the ups and downs of starting your own business. Her background was initially in project management, which invariably became useful when she stepped out into the world of startups. In the early days, she took a series of contract jobs for several well-known and reputable corporations, including Programme Manager for Vodafone and Project Manager and Consultant for Blackberry.

It was in 2015 when Amma began to gear herself towards where she is today. She became a Managing Principal for Optimum Access, where she assisted investors in learning, investing and growing credit-strong African businesses. This experience was extremely valuable and would come to form the backbone of her current career.

Amma condensed all of her knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial savviness to co-create ScaleUp Africa – a management consultancy company that aims to encourage growth and offer advice for women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They focus on coming up with solutions for companies around issues concerning Value Chains, ESG, Impact, Skills Development, Gender, Tourism, Agribusiness and Tech. Women-led themselves, ScaleUp Africa extols the benefits of female, African, and Diaspora-led leadership, and are committed to getting these startups off the ground.

Alongside ScaleUp Africa, Amma also works as a Board Advisor for Maanch. They’re an impact platform for philanthropy, impact investors and corporates. Amma’s role is centred around providing insight and perspective from an African perspective. This isn’t the first time Amma has held an advisory position in this area; from 2012 to 2020 she operated as a freelance consultant to a number of businesses. She was also the Director for Business Development and Partnerships for AMDECO in Ghana, where she championed the benefits of SMEs and entrepreneurs in Africa. Her day to day, covered developing partnerships, funding, advising, writing bids and proposals, and team coordination. It was big shoes to fill and Amma filled them – and then some. 

Her achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. Quite frankly it’s hard not to. She’s been featured on,, and the BBC. At the Profile[me] HQ we couldn’t help but be in awe of Amma and indeed everyone else at ScaleUp Africa, whose commitment to diversifying and revolutionising business is much needed and very welcome. Amma herself is an absolute powerhouse of business know-how, self-assurance, and adaptability that is simultaneously commanding and comforting. She embodies everything Profile[me] stands for, and for that, we salute her.

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