PWWWS [Alina Russ]

June 21, 2021
Written by: Leslie Copeland

The history of Lola’s Vegan Kitchen is deeply intertwined with the personal dietary experiences of Alina Russ.

After being diagnosed with both gluten and lactose intolerance, Alina struggled to enjoy any form of dessert and had almost given up on ever satisfying her sweet tooth.

This isolation from desserts inspired Alina to develop a range of desserts that everyone could enjoy, regardless of their tolerances or tastes. The net result was the formation of Lola’s Vegan Kitchen where Alina creates delicious vegan cakes with quality fair trade ingredients.

A keen nose for publicity led to her an appearance on a Dragons Den style reality show based in Switzerland (Die Höhle der Löwen). Shortly afterwards, Alina was approached by various restaurants who wanted to expand their menus and, more importantly, make their menus more inclusive by adding desserts that appealed to every type of palate and stomach.

The net result is that Alina, who was the first to launch a vegan dessert delivery service in Switzerland, has since reached out to the sector in general, teaching others via workshops and continuing to pine for a bricks and mortar storefront for her products.

Inclusiveness has never tasted so good.

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