PWWWS [Alexandra Ciobotaru]

March 24, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Women supporting women is something that never fails to get everyone at Profile[me] to jump out of our seats. So when we found out about Alexandra Ciobotaru, we couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to include in Profiles We Wish We Shot .

Copenhagen based Alexandra is a podcast host, product management professional, and speaker. She’s crafted a credible reputation for herself as a business thought leader in the start-up ecosystem in Copenhagen. Right now, she’s the Product Manager for Novorésumé – a nifty online résumébuilder that aims to showcase your skills and professional attributes in the best light possible. 

Product and growth is what Alexandra excels in, but what we really want to talk about is her podcast. Alexandra launched and created Femme Lead last year with the main purpose of empowering women by showcasing the stories of female role models in business. Alexandra interviews leaders from around the world, seeking out those whose achievements will inspire generations to come. Aiming to create a dialogue around how to navigate the professional world, the women Alexandra hosts offer sage advice from their own lived experiences.

Femme Lead is a passion project born into fruition during the 2020 pandemic. While the podcast is still in its infancy, Alexandra has already amassed a core following. Femme Lead covers dynamic topics such as entrepreneurship, well-being, self love, science, and design. Each episode focuses on a different field of work and follows three chapters: upbringing and education, career path, and advice – a perfect guide for the young woman looking to navigate her way in the world.

Extolling the virtues of women in business isn’t limited to Alexandra’s podcast – she’s long since been promoting women in STEM, and was nominated for the Nordic Women in Tech Awards in 2018 and 2020. Her first nomination highlighted her as a promoter of women in tech and leadership. Since 2018, she’s been heavily involved in tech events, having been invited to set up tech panels as well as moderate conversations on marketing, product, and business trends. 

Have we hooked you yet? Head to Alexandra’s website for links to iTunes, Spotify, and more.

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Photographer: Philip Flindt Photography

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