[Nina Ignatius]

January 7, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Empathy has long been an undervalued trait of character in business leaders. And Nina Ignatius is one leader whose found success as an entrepreneur harnessing this very trait.  When Nina’s child was born premature, she quickly realised that there were no suitable, high quality alternative clothing for  newborns available in the market. Spurred on by her own experience and her extensive background in design,  She set out to develop  a clothing brand for premature babies  that  prioritised comfort and eco-friendly materials as well featured unique detailing  such as no harsh seams or labels able to harm the extra-sensitive skin of a newborn infant . 

Thus, Beibamboo was born. A newborn clothing range offering safety, comfort and care. Painstakingly aware that many premature babies are connected to breathing tubes and on life support for the first few months of their life, Nina took on the design challenge to create a functional yet premium babywear range that solved these issues. She succeeded in delivering a final collection of infant garments that  offer both warmth and ease of movement especially during sleep. The Beibamboo collection also comes in an array of sizes, covering premature babies born at different stages. 

Over the years Nina has proven her ingenuity and acumen as an entrepreneur.  With Beibamboo, she successfully tapped into an opportunity with untold market potential as attested by the estimated 15 million babies that are born prematurely worldwide each year. (cf. The World Health Organization). Her ability to identify a gap in the market and develop a solution to that need has certainly paid off. Today, Bei Bamboo can be found in stores across a number of countries. Nina’s entrepreneurial spirit has since been awarded recognition and she’s received  multiple accolades. In 2013, she was featured on Forbes’ 40 Women Over 40 list.

To boot, Nina is also  a skilled linguist, having seven languages under her belt, which may come in handy as Beibamboo expands into further foreign markets.

It’s impossible not to be in awe of Nina’s achievements. We believe it’s  the combination of her fifteen years of design experience and business knowledge which were instrumental in getting her vision off the ground. Nina’s story serves as inspiration to the problem solvers of the world, who are driven by purpose and the need for impact as it  shows that commitment to your ideas can pay dividends. .

Our shoot with Nina was short but sweet. Her warm, kind, and genuine demeanour, easily won our photographer over as reflected by the beautiful and authentic portraits we were able to capture of her.

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