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January 4, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Getting a book published or a business launched is no small feat. It’s enough to put even the most passionate writers or the most tenacious entrepreneurs off. Luckily, there’s people like Niki Mullin in the world to help the would-be writers and business leaders of the world. When the going gets tough, Niki gets going.

So who is she? Firstly, she’s a Client Director for Duke Corporation Education, a company that specialises in tailor made leadership programs to help other businesses restructure and rewire so they can advance. It’s a job that requires quick thinking in a world that has an ever changing landscape. For Niki, with her enterprising and energetic nature, the role suits. She helps companies to encourage learning, growth, and leadership, helping them on the path to success. 

Prior to working for Duke, Niki spent five years at LID Business Media working in business development, eventually making her way to the position of Director. The company specialises in working with business writers and companies, helping them to strategise and develop content in order to promote themselves. She mentored and provided insight to colleagues and authors, encouraging them to publish their work. The company specialises in business publishing, which is why Niki’s current role at Duke is such a good fit as it combines Niki’s two passions: business and education.

While Niki’s career progression to directorship may appear a given, it is in fact a true feat. According to data company Blue Sheep women hold a mere 30% of director positions in all UK companies and the UK capital is no exception, with London registering the lowest numbers of female directors compared with other cities in the UK. To add to that, only 15% of client-facing roles are held by women in the entirety of the country. Given this sobering data, it’s important to take a moment to celebrate and recognise women like Niki’s who are daring to shatter glass ceilings for themselves and in doing so pave the way for others to see that it is possible. 

Her previous roles and education – a degree in International Relations and Journalism – has awarded her with a high level of expertise and adaptability that has become helpful in her varied career. Her experiences have left her a well rounded individual who can see the bigger picture far quicker than most, making her a valuable asset to any team she finds herself in.

Niki meets everything she does with unbridled enthusiasm, making her energy contagious. So it’s no surprise that her Profile[me] shoot with us was a delight.


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