Changing the way we see business

One woman at a time.

Profile[me] is an on-demand portrait photography platform on a mission to raise the visibility of women in business globally.


Profile[me] is an on-demand portrait photography platform delivering Visibility-as-a-Service to women in business globally. But don’t be mistaken we are not your ordinary portrait photography service. We are people-powered, impact-driven and technology-enabled. We’re on a bold mission to raise the visibility of 1 billion women. Yes, that’s right. 1,000,000,000,000 billion. It’s audacious, it’s insane, it’s going to be challenging but we’re big believers in the power of intentionality. In the words of Simon Sinek: We’re playing for the infinite game.


Because women represent the majority of the world’s population, 75% of the world’s unpaid care work and 1.2 billion of the globe’s active workforce. Yet, women’s contribution simply goes unrecognised. Women appear to be missing and falling short in every socio-economic metric that matters. And the narrative and images we are constantly shown and fed are of women still don’t, can’t and won’t. And while we agree that women’s absence is visibly felt everywhere, from every industry known to ‘man’: Be it politics, tech, the boardroom, to media pages and beyond.

We are on a mission to change the optics. By leverage the power of Technology, Photography and Storytelling we place our focus on showcasing the very women who are starting up, rising up, levelling up. The women who choose to show up daily. In doing so we hope to change the way we ‘all’ see business. One woman, one portrait, one shoot, one profile, one industry at a time. And in turn, empower the next generation of young girls to show up and see all that they can be. That’s what we call impact.

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An invitation to show up

Profile[me] was born from our desire to empower women in business to show up, to take ownership of their visual narrative, of their visual identity in order to raise their visibility and gain visual recognition. How? By offering women entrepreneurs, producers, manufacturers, business owners and leaders the opportunity to book mini portrait photoshoots with our crowdsourced and talented network of photographers at an accessible price.

In short, Profile[me] is an invitation to show up, not show off. To be seen, to be discovered, to be recognised. It’s definitely not about vanity, but rather about visibility.”

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Women in business still to go! Help us get that number down to zero.

Show up and be the change

When you book and show up for a Profile[me] shoot, you’re setting an intention to be seen, to be visible. That is why we do not do Pricing Plans. We offer Visibility Plans that unlock access to priceless growth opportunities.

Whether you plan to use your portrait images to apply for a new job, update your social media profile, raise your express in the press, share your story through your website and marketing. We recognise that what you are saying loud and clear is that you are ready to #SHOWUP4CHANGE in your life.  To change your narrative. And in doing so, you will directly contribute to changing the way we see business. Helping us showcase and deliver a more balanced, diverse and nuanced portrayal of how we currently view leadership, drive, strength, power, ambition, inspiration, innovation, intelligence, bravery and success. Show up and be the change you want to see.

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Show up for impact

More than 130 million girls are missing out of school. When you book or gift a woman in your life with a Profile[me] shoot, you’re not only empowering yourself and them to show up, to be found, to be seen, to be discovered and to be recognised. You are also empowering the next generation of young girls to show up at school and see all that they can be. Giving them a fighting opportunity at a brighter future. How? For every visibility plan you choose to book or gift, we gift back a set amount to organisations on a mission to provide young girls with access to education by eliminating the barriers that stop them from showing up at and staying in school.



She For She Pads 

Something as natural as menstruations shouldn’t keep girls away from school. And yet it does. More than 80 million girls are trapped in a poverty cycle, due to the mere fact that their menstruations are prohibiting them from attending school. She For She Pads is a non-for-profit organizations on a mission to break that cycle. For every $25 donated, one girl will receive a monthly set of reusable pads, enough to keep her in school for two years.


In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month this year, we wanted to do something that would have a long-lasting impact. With your help, we would love to send 1000 young girls to school through She For She Pads program. Help us reach this goal by the end of March by booking or gifting a Profile[me] shoot to someone dear to you.


In partnership with Spaces

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Read inspiring profiles of women whose portrait we shot and those whose portrait we wish we shot.

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