[Mar Alarcón]

April 17, 2020
Written by: Leslie Copeland

We were already totally psyched when we finally kicked-off ProfileMe’s first shoot in Barcelona (who doesn’t love this City?), but our excitement was ratcheted to an altogether different level when we realised we would be shooting Mar Alarcón.

Easily one of Spain’s foremost serial entrepreneurs, Mar has been acclaimed many times over as one of Europe’s leading Women in Technology and a prime mover in social entrepreneurship across the continent.

Like all the amazing women we’ve shot, Mar has her creative fingers in many pies. She’s a published author, renewable energy entrepreneur, tax-specialist, language genius, and passionately active in local public affairs (check out what 19N Strategies is doing in Barcelona!). But the venture this mother of three is most famous for is SocialCar, the world’s first peer-to-peer car-sharing company. SocialCar could have been just another ordinary car-share scheme in just another ordinary city, but Mar’s enduring belief that a business can be profitable and contribute socially – and her gut feeling that a peer-to-peer model would deliver on her notions of sustainability –  turned it into a company whose impact makes everyone everywhere reach for the phrase ‘paradigm shift’.

The mobile tech solutions developed have transformed the car rental sector, while the affordability of the product has energised the peer-to-peer sector. Even those boring suits in the insurance sector weren’t spared – they had to come up with a new a product and amazing tech to cope with Mar’s vision. And all of this is nothing compared to the sustainability and social inclusion impact futurologists reckon companies like Social Car will be making in all our cities as we enter the ‘Mobility as a Service’ era.

You will be hearing this geeky phrase a lot in the coming years. You will most likely be seeing a lot more of Mar Alarcón as well.

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