[Kristil Erla Håland]

February 1, 2019
Written by: Babou Olengha-Aaby

Shooting  [Kristil Erla Håland]‘ founder and CEO of JodaCare’s portrait was quite sentimental for us for more than one reason. For one, the story behind what inspired her to start her company is pretty heartwarming. The inspiration to build a more efficient communication platform to help support health carers, family members and people suffering from dementia came from her own experience of caring for her mum who suffers from dementia and needs day-to-day professional care. Two, we’ve warmly watched on the sideline how she’s managed to step by step grow her company and bring her vision to life through the years. We first met Kristil when she applied to an initiative we created that gave female entrepreneurs Access2 to industry leaders through a series of dinners at their homes. She had just started out, had no office, no team but she had, like many inspiring leaders, the motivation, determination, and passion needed to drive her company forward. Fast forward to the present, her company now employs 5 team members, has an office base, and has received funding from various sources including Innovasjon Norge, gained customers. But most importantly her software is providing support and bettering the life for those living with mental illnesses and for those family members who so lovingly care for them daily. We recently had the pleasure of shooting Kristil and her team too and that was a treat!

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