[Kerstin Zumstein ]

April 28, 2020
Written by: Leslie Copeland

We’re not breaking any confidences when we say that Kerstin Zumstein’s time with Profilemeshoots in London was an entertaining whirl of originality, creativity, and downright good fun. The positive buzz from the event sustained us for weeks afterwards and easily infused the photos we captured.

These kind words are, of course, biased (we really like her!), but they are unlikely to surprise any clients or colleagues who have worked with Kerstin over the years. During a two-year stint at Media 10, she launched and led Onoffice Magazine to become the UK market leader in its niche. In 2011, Thames & Hudson commissioned her to author a book – Total Office Design – which has become something of a creative bible for the commercial design sector.

For the past five years she has been operating as the Editorial Director of Ink at its London Headquarters, managing and leading a 40+ team of content creators to produce stunning and award-winning content for the world’s leading airlines and travel brands.

Ever wondered why the in-flight magazine on a Norwegian Airlines or easyJet flight is surprisingly engaging? Ever paused to ponder why the travel programme on an American Airlines flight is of the same quality as something from the BBC or Netflix? Ever got enjoyably absorbed by the social content offerings from Eurowings? Of course, you have, and it’s all because its Ink that sits behind the creation and production. And behind Ink sits a person like Kerstin, one of those wonderful souls who live to cultivate idea-driven teams, that encourage unstoppable creativity and who are always on the search for game-changing innovation.

With classic German modesty, Kerstin likens herself to a ‘worker bee’ in her company, trying to hold everything together by managing and communicating effectively between clients, stakeholders, and colleagues.

We’re not fooled. We recognise a leader when we see one. 

Kerstin was shot at Spaces London: https://www.spacesworks.com/

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