Changing the way we see business.

One woman. One portrait. One Shoot at a time.

Profile[me] is a visibility platform, offering on-demand portrait photography shoots for women in business.


We are  on a mission to raise the visibility of women in business globally. Empowering the next billion women in business to show up and be visible.

It's about visibility. Not Vanity.

Profile[me] was born from our desire to help women entrepreneurs,  business owners and leaders raise their visibility by offering them opportunity to book mini portrait photoshoots of 20 minutes with our very talented crowdsourced network of photographers at an accessible price.

We are passionate about enabling women in business – through the power of photography – to take control of their visual narrative, of their visual identity, of how they choose to be portrayed and in the process help them gain visual recognition. 


Our Shoots

Our Shoots

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Visibility training

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Portrait Exhibitions

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We specialise in mini shoots of 20mins.

Our 20mins Profile[me] shoots offer the perfect mix of flexibility and convenience because we understand how important flexibility is to many working women. We cater for busy lifestyles. You can fit our shoots before going to work, during lunch, in between offsite meetings or before picking up the kids from school. 


Our shoots are offered at an accessible price of 99.99 Euros to encourages more women to book, show up and be visible. For such an inclusive price, our customers receive real added value in the form of a complementary co-working day pass at Spaces, a custom online photo gallery for their images, invitations to community-driven events, visibility training workshops and retreats and to join a community of likeminded individuals.  


We take great care in vetting and hand-selecting all our photographers and make sure they aren’t personable and not just a face behind the camera.

We partner with well-known location partners so our clients never have to fear shooting outdoors in unpredictable weather or shoot in an unknown location in the outskirts of town. 


We make the booking process as easy at one to 3.