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[PWWWS: Mary Consolata Namagambe]

This is what an unapologetic feminist looks like. We’re extremely excited to introduce Mary Consolata Namagambe. She’s an unapologetic feminist, a vocal girls’ rights advocate, and law student. From a young age, Mary has been deeply involved in advocacy and social justice. She’s the founder of She for She, a company based in her home …

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[PWWWS: Jaya Thomlison]

What does it take to build a community? We couldn’t tell you, but Jaya Thomlison certainly can. She’s a Canadian born business leader and community developer living in Trondheim, Norway. She’s the CEO of Heyloft, a digital platform for businesses in the tourism and experience industry. Alongside Heyloft, Jaya  also works as the Program Leader …

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[Christine Corkery Steinsholt]

Shooting Christine’s portrait was an absolute joy that we had to follow it up with a one-on-one conversation. She is open and honest, funny and entertaining, and boasts a light-touch inquisitiveness that is disarming and effective. She’s also a brilliant listener, a skill that is increasingly rare in our loud, opinionated, ‘always-on’ digitised world. And …

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