[Carrie Mantha]

February 12, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Dr Carrie Mantha has achieved in only a few years what most couldn’t manage in a lifetime. You could say she’s had nine lives. She’s a consistent goal setter and reacher, who defines herself as a serial entrepreneur, investor, data scientist, former hedge fund manager, competitive equestrian and wait for it… former Miss Florida USA. Do you hear the sound of the mic drop?  Backed with a Bachelor’s in Microbiology and Cell Science, as well as an MD certification in Medicine from the University of Miami, Carrie began her career as a trained physician specializing in maternal-fetal medicine. She led efforts to modernize medicine and improve patient health care through technology as the youngest ever member of the Board of Governors of Florida’s state medical association. Medicine aside, Carrie is also an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, who pursued and completed an MBA in Business from Auburn University’s business school in 2007. 

Carrie spent many years on Wall Street, leading healthcare investments for the Galleon Group, one of the largest and most influential asset managers in the US.  Over the course of her career, she directed more than two billion dollars of investment capital into cutting-edge biotechnology and medical device companies.

Carrie now leads  Aporia Advisors, a strategic growth partner to top life science companies, bioinformatics, and digital health leaders.  Her academic background and business know-how make her an in-demand advisor, with a plethora of biotech companies across the world who look to her for guidance. At Aporia, Carrie focuses on data analysis, valuations, strategy, market intelligence, and manufacturing – to name a few of her areas of expertise. Carrie started as a Principal and after a few years levelled up to the more senior role of Managing Director at Aporia Capital, which is a role she has held for the last seven years. 

Her foray into entrepreneurship began with Carrie as Founder and CEO of  Indira. A retail personalization platform she previously co-founded with her husband Ajay with the mission to unleash the power of smart data to truly cater to each individual consumer’s body measurements, traits, preferences, and behaviours in order to deliver a truly interactive, vertically-integrated, customized e-commerce experience.  The platform focused on offering high-quality bridesmaid dresses and coordinating wedding accessories for the bride. Anyone who’s ever tried to organise a wedding will know the trials and tribulations of trying to match the bridesmaids’ outfits with the bride’s details. Indira solves the issue by offering all of this under one roof, ensuring cohesion.

That wasn’t Indira’s only appeal. Other snazzy perks included a virtual bridal suite, where bridesmaids can view hyper-realistic visualisations, make payments, and update their measurements, taking a weight off the bride’s shoulders before the big day. Its straightforwardness and ease of use are what made it so genius – and a game-changer for the wedding industry.

What we like about Carrie is that she comes in multitudes; it’s true that Carrie is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and data scientist. But as we look over an incredible career that has been carved with due diligence, it’s clear that she’s also much more than that. She’s nuanced, multifaceted, and multi-talented to boot. And may we once again add that she’s a former Miss Florida USA just in case you missed that bombshell (no pun intended) in the opening line. Carrie showcases that beauty and brains aren’t mutually exclusive. Most importantly, Carrie is a glorious reminder that people are more than the sum of what you see. It’s hard not to be in awe.

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