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[Samia Bayou]

When Profilemeshoots met with Samia Bayou in London, the images caused something of a stir back at our Oslo HQ. Why? Well, because we managed to capture so many genuine emotional expressions of a person who epitomises most of the values we cherish. We caught her laughing and smiling, relaxing and being friendly, lost in …

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[Kerstin Zumstein ]

We’re not breaking any confidences when we say that Kerstin Zumstein’s time with Profilemeshoots in London was an entertaining whirl of originality, creativity, and downright good fun. The positive buzz from the event sustained us for weeks afterwards and easily infused the photos we captured. These kind words are, of course, biased (we really like …

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[Mar Alarcón]

We were already totally psyched when we finally kicked-off ProfileMe’s first shoot in Barcelona (who doesn’t love this City?), but our excitement was ratcheted to an altogether different level when we realised we would be shooting Mar Alarcón. Easily one of Spain’s foremost serial entrepreneurs, Mar has been acclaimed many times over as one of …

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[Anne Ravanona]

If the concepts of inspiration and optimism were ever personified, they would most likely take the form of [Anne Ravanona] , the inspirational, roving, Paris-based Dubliner whose softly-spoken, powerful words are making an enduring impact in every major place where entrepreneurship, gender equality and diversity matters – which is to say, all over the globe. …

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