[Åsa Roth]

December 1, 2019
Written by: Babou Olengha-Aaby

Another week, another visibility post. This time we’re shedding a light on the very talented [Åsa Roth]. We shot Åsa’s portrait a while back but thought it was time we spotlighted her. Where do we even begin!

Åsa has both the heart, mindset and creativity of an entrepreneur and a focused discipline on results and growth true to so many corporates. This makes her one of those rare breeds of people called ’Intrapreneurs’. She’s refined her sales and business development skills within the many COO, Managing Director and CEO roles she’s held for companies such Proteket, Tine and bbhugme to name just a few. She helped grow the latter from inception to an international recognised brand selling to Europe and the US.

But her true passion lies in leadership and personaldevelopment, in helping individuals, companies unlock their growth potential. Not surprising then that she generously donates her time as an advisor to startups, mentoring women through Professional Women’s Network Norway. And when no one’s looking, she spends a few hours one day a week volunteering at Home-Start Familiekontakten Norge, supporting families with young children because sometimes as parents we just need a helping hand. Women like Åsa aren’t few and far in between. In fact, there are many out there just like her and it’s important that once in a while we celebrate all facets of who they are. Showcasing positive role models.
If we had to sum up Åsa in a few words, it would be: Brains. Empathy. Grace. Giving. Doing. But maybe we’re just biased:)

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