[Anne Ravanona]

April 14, 2020
Written by: Leslie Copeland

If the concepts of inspiration and optimism were ever personified, they would most likely take the form of
[Anne Ravanona] , the inspirational, roving, Paris-based Dubliner whose softly-spoken, powerful words are making an enduring impact in every major place where entrepreneurship, gender equality and diversity matters – which is to say, all over the globe.

Anne’s gender and diversity goals are writ large over her acclaimed Huffington Post articles, TedX involvements, and business conferences – not to mention the many financial and gender summits she leads. And they are not pedestrian goals.

Anne wants to ensure that the fourth industrial revolution – that mesmerising amalgam of The Cloud Economy, the Internet of Things, AI, VR and Robotics – is the time when the gender gap is finally closed. She wants to ensure that venture investors all over the world view women entrepreneurs as they should be viewed, which is nothing less than the greatest untapped resource available to kick-start our stricken global economy. And, as a starter, she wants to ensure over 1 million female entrepreneurs get funded before 2030. 

Whilst all of this might sound utopian or unreachable to the jaded or cynical (of both sexes), Ravanona is working furiously to realise these ambitions. 

Her main vehicle for change is Global Invest Her, a platform and online community for early-stage women entrepreneurs that demystifies the funding process and equips female entrepreneurs to become investor ready – and receive funding – faster.  Anne is acutely aware that only 2.8% of global venture capital was directed to female-led start-ups in 2019 – but instead of being angry or leading a direct fight against the system, she favours education, collaboration and inspiration. All of these policy planks rely heavily on established facts to change the behavioural patterns of male investors – such as the simple one that female-led business deliver a better return on investment, or that women-led businesses often deliver higher levels of profitability to their backers.

Weaving everything together is Anne’s unrivalled communication abilities (did we mention she speaks five languages?), and her impressive network. Global Invest Her has three global Corporate Partners, 35 Eco-system Partners, 16 Outreach Partners and 10 Service Provider Partners. Her network includes key EU bureaucrats, global political leaders, cash-rich venture capitalists and global private equity players.

Global change requires global collaboration. Anne Ravanona is on the case.

Are you ready to show up?

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