[Anne-Lise Heggland]

March 1, 2019
Written by: Babou Olengha-Aaby

Part of the joy and excitement of offering profilemeshoots to women in business is that we never know who is going to book and show up. But boy oh boy were we thrilled when [Anne-Lise Heggland] booked and decided to show up. She is the co-founder and CEO of Podbike. A company whose offering is – and please excuse our french – simply B.A.D.A.S.S. i.e. offering Bikes that are Ahead of the game, Design-driven, Agile, Stylish and Sustainable. One look at their e-bikes and you’d be tricked into thinking it was a car. And you would be half right. They are in fact velomobiles. The next generation in electric powered bicycles.
Like many, many of the female entrepreneurs we’ve shot through the years, we shot and met Anne-Lise just a week before she was due to launch the company to the public. We love that Anne-Lise describes herself as a
Economist, realist and optimist. We need more of those kind of leaders! Finding and discovering women such as Anne-Lise early on in their startup journey and learning about the amazing companies they lead is something that we have come to realize is one of the real values of our Profileme service. And one that we are really proud of.

Are you ready to show up?

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