[Angela Holter]

March 10, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

In light of International Women’s Day this week, we’re utterly delighted to tell you about Angela Holter. If it wasn’t obvious, here at Profile[me] we’re huge fans of inspirational, successful women. We’re even bigger fans of women who use their success to help other women.

Which is a great opener into introducing Angela and her achievements. She’s the Managing Director for Astia Angels. No, they’re not a basketball team, but a global network of individual angel investors and family offices who seek to invest in companies and startups with women leaders. She had initially started out as an Investor Relations Manager, but soon worked her way up through hard work and determination.

Alongside Astia Angels, Angela is the founder and CEO of WIN Women Investor Network Norway. WIN aims to empower them by giving them the education training and tools they need to become startup investors. The ultimate goal, beyond education, is to create a strong community of women who invest together and support each other. innovation with capital, expertise and networks.

Angela seamlessly combines her expertise and knowledge of finance and investment with her passion for gender equality. Empowerment and emancipation are only achievable when we have a united front and Angela knows it, as evidenced by her creation of WIN and her covetable senior position at Astia.

It’s not enough to simply be good at what she does, Angela wants to pass what she’s learned on and create a thriving community. A community that’s built upon women’s empowerment, education, and equality. What’s not to love?

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