[Alexandra Pittman]

March 29, 2021
Written by: Lottie Lightfoot

Saving the world can be a tough gig. Social justice and human rights changemakers do a lot of heavy lifting, so it can be critical to have some of the load taken off during their day-to-day. That’s where Alexandra Pittman and her company, ImpactMapper, come in.

ImpactMapper is a digital platform that, well, maps impact. Specifically, it utilises data to visually track, measure, and communicate social impact trends. Their tracking expertise focuses on the topics of human rights, gender equality, climate, diversity, and other pressing social issues. Nifty, for sure. But how do you use it?

ImpactMapper can be utilised in a number of ways. Foundations, nonprofits, investors, and companies can use it to assess the impact of their own portfolios, programs, building reports to share with their own investors and shareholders. They can learn how to evaluate their own data, figuring out what they did best and where they can improve. It’s also proven to be a valuable resource for those doing research, be it business, nonprofit, academic, or even personal. ImpactMapper gives the opportunity for non-researchers to become more well-informed about the world around them through data, with easy-to-digest visual representation. It’s something you wouldn’t necessarily think about, but ImpactMapper has proven to be an almost essential tool for the world of social change.

But enough about ImpactMapper, let’s talk about Alexandra – ImpactMapper’s enigmatic Founder and CEO. Talented and entrepreneurial by nature, Alexandra has put her skills to good use and dedicated her life to helping people help others. She founded the company in 2014, after years of working as an advisor and consultant to a number of firms, where she specialises in nonprofits, social justice, and philanthropy. Notable companies where Alexandra has worked her magic has included: Oxfam, the UNDP, and Danske Bank.

A Harvard alumnus, Alexandra graduated with a Master’s degree in International Education Policy 2004. She then went on to obtain a PhD in Sociology and Cultural Psychology from Boston College. She developed her research in philanthropic endeavours with a senior research fellowship position at Hauser Center for Nonprofits at Harvard University from 2010-2011. The fellowship saw Alexandra focus on the role of brand in international nonprofits and philanthropies.

Alexandra’s achievements have never been just talk. Each move, company, and the progress she’s made has all been done with one goal in mind and that’s making the world a better place. Hats off.

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