Date: 07 Jun 2021

PWWWS [Marianne Haugland Hindsgaul]

To say that the Profile[me] team is a fan of Marianne Haugland Hindsgaul, co-founder and CEO of Bobly Inc is an understatement. Just like her company name suggests, Marianne has an infectious and bubbly spirit that has the power to brighten up any room she sets her foot in. We would know, we’ve been in …

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PWWWS [Elina Willert]

Meet Elina, Co-Founder and, until recently, the CEO of Playpulse. Her company turns high-intensity interval training on gym bikes and soon rowing machines into a fully-fledged computer gaming experience. In short, they turn exercise into a video game. Yes, you read that right. It makes exercise more accessible and fun for everyone. Their goal is to motivate …

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